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Our 12" Diamond Designed Float helps concrete workers of all skill levels finish projects faster and better than ever before.

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About Our Tool

The Ultimate 12" Diamond Design Concrete Hand Float

Our Unique Diamond designed hand float was specially crafted by a 2nd generation professional concrete mason. 

It was designed to fulfill the need to update the standard flat floats to help finish the concreate quicker and easier. 

50 Years of Proven Technology

Our Hand Float is made of dense Plexi-glass Polymer that lasts longer than other hand floats on the market. 

Being dense plastic, it won't splinter or soften as standard wood will. Our float could last you many years.

Our Patented Diamond Design

Unlike other regular hand floats, our Diamond designed float gives you full control of the concrete. It can grab and grip the concrete to move it and fill holes quicker and easier. This will save you time along with your shoulder, wrist, and forearm compared to the standard flat float. 

Video of our Float in Action

Our Float on the Job. Watch how our Concrete Masonry tools float helps on all your masonry construction jobs.

How our Float Works

This Float will be a must have on the job!!

More Videos of our Float in Action

Our Float will grip into the Concrete to help move and fill the holes.

Another Video of our Float in Action

You'll see here how to use our float to get the concrete ready to finish.

Our Float Prep Instructions

  • Tools Required:
  • · Phillips Screw Driver
  • · 3/8th Socket or Pliers

  • Some Assembly Required:
  • 1. Place the Handle on the smooth side of the Float Plate.
  • 2. Line up the holes on the handle and the Plate.
  • 3. Insert Screw from the Plate bottom up through the handle.
  • 4. Screw on the nut and use tools to tighten till fully tighten.

  • Prepping your Float:
  •  Take some wet concrete, put concrete on the bottom of the Float to fill in the Grooves.
  • · After sitting for one hour, take a towel and wipe the bottom of the Float to remove excess concrete. (the Grooves should be almost filled). 
  • · Let the float sit overnight and it’s ready to use the next day.

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